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Comparative analysis by site generation and type Toto

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Totosite is a term that refers to an online sports betting site. This Toto site can be divided into most Vietmantoto Toto-style sports, the European style Toto site, and the private Toto site. In Korea, since the popularity of Sports Toto, which began in the second half of 2001, the private Toto website has recently become the European Toto website. In the early days of Toto, they mimicked Bet Mantoto, and betting events were limited to flight attendants and winnings. No lottery type games have been released like this and most of them are North American games like Major Football League, NBA, MLB and domestic professional leagues. To this end, there are not many private sites toto, so some sites hit and grow many sites. This is a private page this in the second generation area area This will turn this first generation. This type of business begins to contain bets in lecture, endless, real cragro stars and special games. Often starting soon in 2010 and many companies are performed, and there are differences in quality depending on the operations of the website operation. And because this time, the variation strategy mixed or pulled off members of high prices of coverage and pay the point. In addition to the new side of Europe and automated sports laboratories. In addition, users are very different depending on the form of times through the type page. Some people hate the last European Wowers, where many types of games are updated because it is very difficult while others hate private sites. Changes in place change in accordance with people, but general trend Splie industry Changes style style style style style style. Investing lots of capital in solutions in solutions, live bets, sports education, casinos and horse racing in combination with the fact that they provide multi-bet solutions. At the end if you are interested in sport


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